Green Owl Studio is an enthusiastic marketing workshop devoted to the architecture and design industry

What’s Behind the Name?

Everyone asks the question. Green Owl Studio combines two words that aptly relate to the founder, Catherine Minervini.

Emerald Green is her official birthstone. The founder’s last name Minervini, is derived from the word Minerva, the Roman goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom and commerce (just to name a few). Minerva is often depicted with an owl, her sacred creature and, through this connection a symbol of wisdom. With fixed eyes (focused messaging) and a neck with a wide range of motions (big picture), the owl holds an interesting perspective on all that it watches.

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A Thriving Creative Community

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Green Owl Studio is an enthusiastic marketing authority devoted to the Architecture + Interior Design industry.

We are a hands-on consultancy that is a culmination of experience in branding, interior design + marketing. We are marketing enthusiasts. Brand advisors. Communication fanatics. We use each of these disciplines to create compelling connections and interactions with the architecture + design community targeted around brand messages.

The results? Brand strategies that are coalesced into integrated marketing + communication activities, social media strategies and successful media relations.

Consulting + Services

Every so often you need a fresh perspective. Marketing may involve many disciplines and can be difficult to navigate.

We have a knack for organizing information to help formulate a strategy, shape your message and refine your overall brand story. We can examine your existing marketing structure, identify what works well within your strategy and make it work even better.  We have more than 25 years experience in the commercial interior design world – that’s a long time. As a result, our industry knowledge, understanding of the design professional and depth of resources will help deliver the right message to the right audience.

  1. Marketing Structure + Planning
  2. Brand Consultation
  3. Strategic Marketing + Communications
  4. Social Media Strategy + Planning
  5. Media Relations


Green Owl Studio is located in the hip, northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock. 

We frequently crisscross the continent to consult with clients, conduct strategy sessions and attend industry events in all pockets of the country. Whether it’s a new business opportunity, speaking engagement, workshop, brainstorming, or simply to share ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

Our roots are very much East Coast + we love our sunny Southern California home.

    • P.O. Box 50784, Los Angeles, CA 90050
    • 917.579.4058